Tattoos and artwork

Please visit the artists page for information on each individual artist

Below is a collection of work taken from the Okami Tattoo instagram page, and features tattoos and artwork from all our resident and guest artists. 


How to get a tattoo

Working with the right artists for you.

We believe that a big part of a successful tattoo experience is picking the right artist for you. Please feel free to contact the artist you are looking to work with directly through our ARTISTS page. 

Each artist at Okami tattoo works in the way that produces the best results for them and their clients. Because of this, please understand that each artist handles their own scheduling, pricing, and designing of tattoos. Inquiries made to the shop and not an individual artist will receive a general answer, and be referred to the artist best suited for them to discuss the specifics.

Why choose okami tattoo?

putting yourself in the right hands

With more choices than ever before, picking the right place to get tattooed can be overwhelming. 

Here at Okami Tattoo we strive to put quality first, with a strong emphasis on client comfort. Over the years working in different environments, I have found the comfort of the artist and client can make a big difference in both the quality of the tattoo and of the experience that is shared.

We offer four private booths with artists experienced in a variety of styles, a professional staff, and easy convenient parking all in a relaxed and fun environment! 

Less than an hour from NYC and less than two from Philly! Come get tattooed in the beautiful woodlands of northern New Jersey!  

We want to tattoo YOU! Here at Okami, we love what we do! We work hard to create a place where the artists are happy, driven, and excited to come to work and make tattoos!